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About Us

The beginnings

Starting off making smoothies, our owner worked his way up the chain to being a co-owner at his first juice and smoothie bar. He spent 10 years at that first shop learning the trade and discovering the ins and outs of creating recipes that people would not only enjoy but that would promote good health as well. With all the information out there about what’s healthy and what’s not, he learned pretty quickly that eating “right” is definitely not straightforward. It was confusing figuring out what to believe and what to disregard as a fad or hyped up false information. He saw there was a need for a simple, honest-to-goodness solution to the question: what should I eat to feel and be the best version of myself? After years of research, he developed that simple answer.

A difference you can taste

There are a few key ingredients that can keep your body at optimal health and even treat ailments naturally. That being said, life is hectic and fast-paced. The average person doesn’t have time to do the research, buy key (and mind you – expensive!) ingredients, and on top of that, create recipes they’d enjoy. That’s when he set off to opening his own smoothie shop focused on healing and sustaining the human body. And here we are. We hope you will be a part of our journey in making “healthy eating” truly healthy again. Oh and let’s not forget delicious and satisfying while we’re at it.

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